Idefender INC (Airborne Sanitiser)


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🛑 Stop the transmission of airborne infections with iDefender-INC. The World’s only patented 16k ppm #airborne Ionic nano copper. 🔬Tested to show activity against Coronavirus by up to 99.9% #under_60_seconds ⏱ Protect ourselves by creating an #ibubble around us and a #viral_shield to our environment. 🌏
Airborne… #iDefender_INC Viral Shield
💢【Ionic Nano Copper 16K ppm】
Economical for long-term protection, as easy as breathing like what we do 24/7 anyway.
Provides protection against viruses & bacteria.
Tested to inhibit 99.9% of bacteria & viruses.

Safety Features:
✅ Ingredient: Copper Sulphate Penta-Hydrate
✅ Alcohol-free
✅ All-natural
✅ 100% Organic Minerals
✅ Safe & 100% Non-toxic
✅ Kills viruses & bacteria 99.9% in under 60 sec
✅ Used By Hospitals & Medical Professionals Worldwide

💁Inside cars & vehicles
💁Kitchen & baths
💁Dining table
💁and many more…

10 Important Uses:
💧Eliminate Haze & Smoke
💧Eliminate Molds & Mildew
💧Eliminates Allergens, PetDander & Dust Mites
💧Remove Odor & Stale Air

Evidence Vault:
✍️Scientifically Tested & Proven by EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant
✍️NSF Certified Food Grade 100% – Achieve 99.9% sanitization in less than 60 seconds
✍️INC 16k Disinfectant is proven effective in various independent lab tests.

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