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Set-up your online cube store

Upload your own store logo and add basic information about your online store.

Start Selling

Let your products go online and bring them to us for storage. That's it.

Registration Steps

1. Subscribe to a plan

2. Fill in the form with your basic info

Put in your basic info for BruEcom to provide a more personalized and easy-to-use system to you.

3. Review the plan and make payment

That's it! Done.

4. Done

BruEcom will email you on your application status.

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Setting up your own store

1. Set up your store profile

Get started by setting up your store profile (only have to do it once)

2. Set up basic store info

This is the info for the public to see.

3. Set up payment info

BruEcom will make payment to the provided bank account in this setting.

4. Set up social media info

Simply copy and paste your respective social media URL.


That's it! Proceed to our all-in-one and easy-to-use Seller Dashboard and many more!

[1] Shown information in the text field above is for demonstration purposes only.

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