A Step by Step Guide | Product Listing

BruEcom likes to keep things simple. Simply follow the easy steps below to post your products in less than 5 minutes.

Part 1

  • Go to your Seller Dashboard

Select the icon located at the bottom right corner.

  • Simple or Variable Product?

IF you want customers to have:

(1) no choices/options in color, sizes, etc.

 Go for Simple Product.

(2) different choices in color, size, etc.?

 Go for Variable Product. 

  • Enter Product Title/Name

Just keep it short, precise and accurate.

  • Enter Product Categories

It allows customers to discover your products by looking at BruEcom’s product categories.

  • Upload Product Images

1st image is the thumbnail, the rest are “swipeable” for customers to view.

Note: JPG/JPEG image file type is highly recommended

  • Give Product Description

Provide more info about your product to your customer.

  • Enter Key Information

Allows you to manage your stock and for customers to make an informed purchase.

‘Allow Backorders’ = Customers are still able to place an order when the stock qty reaches 0.

*** NEXT STEP ***
Is your product:
1) a ‘Simple Product’ (with no choices in colours, size, etc.)? If so, Continue to Page 2
2) a ‘Variable Product‘ with choices in colour, size, etc.)? If so, Continue with Variable Product Listing Guide >>
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